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Freshman College Selection

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Alternative Placement
Alternative Placement

Total Fee   $9,500

Initial meeting / Consultation  $500  Phase One

Assess current situation (school expulsion, hospitalization, poor academic performance, school refusal, alcohol or drug involvement, etc.) with the family. Review testing and psychological evaluations. Assess need for additional testing. Establish relationship and agreement on long-term plan. We do not make specific program recommendations during the initial meeting/consultation process.

Intervention  $4,500  Phase Two/short-term

Counsel the family to determine specific steps including wilderness programs or other interventions which will help the student establish appropriate goals and behaviors. We will work closely (usually weekly) with the program in which the student is enrolled to monitor progress and update parents regularly. As part of our service, we assess the needs (academic and therapeutic) of the student and make appropriate suggestions for follow-up placement.

Full Placement Service  $4,500  Phase Three/long-term

We work with parents to identify placement options, either therapeutic or traditional boarding school, and arrange visits and/or interviews. In some situations the student returns home and appropriate day options are pursued. Once the student is placed, we continue to monitor his/her progress, which may include onsite visits, follow-up with academic and personal counselors/ therapists, course selection, etc. to make sure the school is best meeting the student’s needs.

Following the completion of Phase Three we are available for either school or college placement. This service is discounted (50%) from our standard prep school or college placement fee of $9,000 to reflect our long-term (1-2 year) relationship. Should the initial consultation lead to direct placement into an academic school or college, our standard placement fee of $9,000 is charged. Please contact us for those service descriptions.

In our placement of students, either intervention or follow-up placement, we work with programs we have visited which have a proven track record with our previous clients. When an adolescent and family are in turmoil, it is essential they can rely upon the programs we recommend. We receive no remuneration from schools or programs, and accept no reimbursement for any expenses incurred in this process of visiting/evaluating schools and programs, thus guaranteeing we will always focus on our client’s best interest.

We have:
• over twenty years of experience with crisis situations
• frequent and continued follow up with programs, schools and parents
• close working relationships with therapists, psychologists, school counselors, families and programs, and we provide any other assistance as required.