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Secondary School Selection

One Hour Consultation   $500

We will review academic and extra-curricular records and experiences and provide specific, appropriate suggestions for next steps in the private, secondary school admission process.

Full Placement Service   $9,000

Our secondary school placement service is distinguished by our continuous and full support of each student and family with whom we consult.

The placement process begins with a thorough review of the student’s credentials and the clarification of his or her future educational goals. This leads to an assessment of the student’s general placement requirements, prospects and opportunities.

A member of our staff will make direct personal contact with admissions officers at various schools to determine the viability of the student’s candidacy. Schools deemed appropriate will send materials to the student and extend an invitation to the student and the family for a visit and interview at the school.

The consultants and our support staff work as a team to serve as liaison between the student and the admissions officers at each school throughout the entire admissions process.

Our staff is always available to:
• proofread applications
• critique essays
• discuss interviewing techniques
• maintain direct, personal follow up with each school and to provide any other assistance, as required, until the student is placed in school.